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Sam was a trusted and loving caregiver to my mother while at the Madrona House on Bainbridge Island. You quickly recognize those with a natural talent for this often challenging, but rewarding position. I personally witnessed how she approached my mother and all residents with compassion and care. The ability to guide residents with kindness and make them feel in control and at ease is a gift – one that comes naturally with Sam.

I watched her look into my mother’s eyes and tell her how they could tackle the daunting task together. My mother felt supported and trusted her guidance.

Erin Leader

Samantha has provided support for both my Mother in memory care and my Stepfather in assisted living; she has done an exceptional job. True caregiving is more than just babysitting. Sam’s ability to empathize with people and adapt to their individual needs truly stand out. Highly recommended.

Jeff A.

Sam came into my family’s life at a chaotic and unsettling time for us as we were trying, without success, to navigate through a world where my father was in the advanced stages of Parkinson’s and was no longer able to live alone.

Sam brought calm and peace to our chaos. She worked as my father’s primary caregiver for more than two years, looking after my father with professionalism, dedication, love, and kindness.

Sam is compassionate by nature and always positive about things. Even during episodes of falling and incontinence (just to name a few) Sam remained calm, kind and in a state of ‘constant caregiving.’ As someone who has a great devotion to logic and an eye for detail, she has the capacity to remain calm and think logically, even during severely distressing times.

During the time Sam spent working with my father, she provided him with much-needed companionship and conversation, assistance with bathing and dressing, medication support, day-to-day household maintenance and also worked as his nutritionist.

Because of Sam’s eagerness to help, she made my father’s life more comfortable than it would have been otherwise as well as extending his independence. Sam also became a friend to me and we remain friends to this day. I owe her a debt of gratitude and will always be grateful to her for helping me and my father through a very difficult time. We couldn’t have done it without her.

In conclusion, I recommend Sam for a caregiver position without reservation. I believe that she is completely capable of providing exceptional care, both on a physical and emotional level while maintaining her client’s dignity.

Kristen Hysell
Former client

Sam demonstrates patience, compassion and common sense with her clients. When my mother was in memory care, I was always impressed by the energy that Sam had for Mom. Sam’s smile is genuine and I think my mother always felt that. Sam has many tricks up her sleeve for managing difficult situations, and lots of strategies to help seniors have some fun.

I would not hesitate to recommend Sam for any type of service to folks who need extra help.

Eileen Nicol

Sam consistently brings flexibility, creative problem solving, genuine care, and a good sense of humor each day. She is dependable, consistently ready to step in to help maintain safety and well-being, and works to help improve staff morale as well as advancing her training.

She has a solid understanding of dementia and the needs of people with memory care challenges, and uses her knowledge to communicate effectively. She takes the time to know individuals and their families, understanding the importance of knowing each person as someone with unique needs and talents, and works to meet them where they are, helping them to find a sense of belonging and purpose.

Sam demonstrates genuine concern for the well-being and happiness (of her clients)… Her commitment to enhancing the quality of life is admirable. She brings joy and warmth with her and is a pleasure to work with.

Mary McCormic-McInnis
Life Enrichment Specialist and Dementia Educator

Sam has extraordinary skill in creating a supportive and trusting relationship with both the family and loved one who is in her care.

Alexa Rosenthal

Sam is extraordinary. She assisted my mother in so many ways in the last years of her life. Mom loved Sam. And it was obvious that Sam cared for – in the most inclusive sense – my mother. She is responsible, thoughtful, and creative.
In short, Sam’s a gem.

Ken Masters

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